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Codes of practice and guidelines

Queensland's Industrial Relations Act 1999 and associated legislation establishes a regulatory framework providing significant minimum standards of employment for full-time and part-time employees, as well as a range of conditions for longer term casual employees. In support to the legislation three codes of practice have been developed for the building and construction industry, call centres and textile clothing and footwear suppliers industry.

The application of the provisions of these codes is, at all times, subject to the provisions of any legislation and relevant contractual arrangements.

A code of practice does not specify everything that should or should not be done to meet your obligation.

Queensland Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry

The Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry outlines specific principles and standards of behaviour that underpin best practice while promoting positive change in the industry.

  • define ethics and standards of behaviour expected of all parties
  • encourage best practice and improve the performance of all parties for the relevant industry
  • promote a cooperative approach when dealing with various parties
  • outline expectations for workplace health and safety environmental management
  • maximise opportunities for local industry participation as an aspect of value for money
  • encourage professional development and industry training
  • encourage high standards from those involved in the industry with commitment to comply with all laws, regulations, codes of practice and contracts relating to the industry.
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9 February 2016
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9 February 2016

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