Law Week 2017 Justice Journeys

Christian O'Callaghan

Christian has an eye for equity. A senior employment lawyer at Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ), he has made it his business to stand up for employees’ rights.

Standing up for employee rights in the workplace, ensuring employers treat their staff fairly and respectfully has been the inspiration for Christian O'Callaghan to devote more than 15 years of work to employment law in the UK and Australia.

Christian O'Callaghan is a senior employment lawyer in Legal Aid Queensland's (LAQ) Brisbane office where he provides support and representation for a diverse range of employment law matters including unfair dismissal cases, adverse action and discrimination.

Christian's journey to his role at LAQ began in the United Kingdom. He was influenced by his family experiences growing up in a time when it seemed employers and companies didn't always value employee loyalty and address employee issues appropriately.

Witnessing examples such as employees dedicating their lives to a company but not receiving the same dedication in return was a driver for Christian to devote more than 15 years to working on employment law matters.

Christian has been admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales, New Zealand, New South Wales and Queensland. He has worked in private practice, for unions, Legal Aid Commissions (in the UK and Australia) and most recently for the Brisbane-based Caxton Legal Centre before taking up his role at LAQ.

Christian caption shotChristian ensures workers are treated fairly and respectfully.

Since joining LAQ one of his major achievements has been starting up a new Workplace Advice Clinic in conjunction with the Australian Government's Fair Work Commission. Operating on Tuesday and Thursday, it gives free legal advice to employees seeking to file, or who have already filed, unfair dismissal or general protections applications in Brisbane.

Christian enjoys the challenge that comes from working on complex legal matters. His employment law focuses on clients who are being exploited, experiencing discrimination, or who are unable to seek help from mainstream sources due to the extreme nature of their circumstances.

Christian values the personal relationships that he can build with clients and the variety of human stories that he gives a voice to. He looks forward to continuing to stand up for employees to ensure they are treated fairly, respectfully and in accordance with their legal rights.